The artistic world of every painter can be well thought and vividly described. Or the opposite: could be a random thought, expressed in a moment of honesty and peaceful contemplation. This is what the art of Andrey Arkadi Shugarov speaks about itself. Painting is an idea. The syntax doesn’t matter, from time to time, words can switch places, come close to or leave the emotions of the artist. Nevertheless, their inseparable unity and interdependence are the moral basis of the art formula. Proper pedagogical sensitivity and respect for personality nurtured the artist’s values. Teachers’ attitude towards their students grew into mutual bond. The teachers used words such as truth, simplicity, love of nature, tenderness. This was the artist’s education. Eduard Issabekyan used to say, “paint from heart.” Today this expression is not used and maybe not even understood. The talks with teachers were friendly and not preachy. Students liked their teachers. Shugarov has fond memories of his teachers - Harry Smbatyan, Mkrtich Sedrakyan, Vaghinak Aslanyan, Eduard Issabekyan. Shugarov’s art is characterized by the variety of genres (composition, landscape, portrait and still life) and the use of dynamic color scheme, expression of color and light. The artist’s traditional subject - the horses create an impressive effect, presenting a lively piece from the whole, depicted in various confgurations and forms, in soft haze or in bald contrast. The artist’s landscapes entail two edges: an emotional birth of a new life and the abundant fall of that life. These special conditions are characterized by a typical gamma that corresponds to the colors of the air and light transparent atmosphere. The artist aspires European traditions, while in his autumn landscapes the artist keeps the traditions of Armenian painting, to which as a rule half tones and hazes are not typical. Still lifes are the scream from the materialistic world that the artist expressed in an elegant, exquisite and fresh way. The artist’s every single new canvas promises an encounter with the free world and that’s the art of an original and sincere artist.
Tigran Smbatyan
‘When considering Andrey Shugarov’s art from artistic perspective, we dive into the colors and shades of our real lives. The artist’s efforts are the result of his numerous talents. The artistic career of this truly gifted artist is very diverse both in terms of genres and topics. Hegel thought that “ With his means, humans rule the outer nature, whereas, with his goals obeys it.” So, while painting nature, Andrey Shugarov’s “artistic hand” becomes its synthesizing unit, which is conveyed to the canvas, to our perception of the surrounding world and to the artist’s love toward it. “In the village” (1999), “In the Garden” (1993), “The Village” (1992), “Vacation in the Countryside” (1995) and other paintings are defnitely worth mentioning; they were created by the artist between 1990-2000. Replace with Another passion of the artist are the graceful horses, which have become his main artistic subject. Shugarov characterizes the horses as slender, graceful and fast with their dark silky manes shining in the sun. It seems that very soon the horse will explode and run ahead leaving the wind behind. The artist’s inner world is the refection of his perceptions, which is expressed in his works. It is a harmonious world where there is a breeze in the tranquility of nature, and the bright sunshine falls on the beautiful rural houses. In the meantime, the artist is full of emotions: the vision of motion and elegance in the dynamic speed of horses.
Vazgen Zakharyan
Artist, Member of International Association of Art (IAA/AIAP)
When speaking about Andrey Shugarov, I want to note that he is a well-educated person, connoisseur and a great art-lover in a broad sense. His works, endowed with lasting artistic impact, make up an important chain in the realistic tradition of Armenian artists. The artist often conveys his state of mind by painting horses. When looking at these works, it seems that these free, disobedient and wild animals are about to fee the canvas. Shugarov has an excellent command of line and can unmistakably render the fgure of a horse from memory. In his tense compositions, he perfectly depicts the curves and inner tension of the animal Those abrupt, at times seemingly brusque, ungraceful paintings are full of emotional intensity; the artist focuses on the depiction of meaningful movements. But right here, in this very place, interrupted with abstract symbols we fnd bright, transparent and light landscapes painted with confdent hands full of amazement toward life and wonderful nature. Shugarov’s paintings are full of everlasting artistic imprints and have already found and have found their place among great achievements of Armenian culture, which has remained alive in the course of many centuries.
Alexander Baghramyan
Surprisingly enough, I started seriously studying the works of an amazing painter Andrey Shugarov only recently. I’ve seen some of his works in exhibitions, my collector friends owned a couple and I always wanted to take a close look to his paintings, especially when my artist brother, Varuzhan Vardanyan, who was always reluctant to praise anyone, started to talk about Andrey more often both as his friend and as him, “a gifted artist.” I was convinced that my brother was right when I visited Shugarov’s studio and saw the diversity of his art. Andrey’s works include a signifcant amount of compositions depicting horses. We mostly see horses that are fghting in complicated, sometimes even incomprehensible perspectives, unusual shapes and positions, where the author unleashes his bold imagination and freedom, and with his brush sharpens the scenes and applies deep dramatism to them. The accuracy that the artist creates with drastic and sharp lines for horses that are rearing or collapsed, with eyes wide open or seeking for help, speaks about his high professionalism. In contrast to paintings with horses, Shugarov’s landscapes are very restrained and sensitive. These are not just copies of nature; realism is rather deeply presented here. By implementing various shapes and other means, Andrey creates canvases that are distinctly different in their manner of execution, painting surfaces and layers. At frst glance, these works give an impression of lightness and transparency typical of watercolor as if painted in once session. Sometimes, Andrey uses the impasto technique - that requires more time to work on - applying thick layers of paint in bold brush strokes, creating his unique colorful and vibrant surfaces. It seems like nature is awakened and shines, giving the work a distinctive attraction. Be it a rural scene or sights of Sevan and forests, the artist approaches the nature of the motherland with special affection and thanks to his “instincts” fnds amazing artistic images. Though still lifes are less in the artist’s body of work, they are executed in bright colors and simple shapes, sharp transition light and shade, which make them memorable. Among Shugarov’s works, portraits are on the central role. Here the artist accurately depicts his sitters at the same time trying to reveal their personalities. Despite Andrey’s artistic versatility, compositions with horses are his most recognizable works that brought him acclaim and may be considered the artist’s signature line.
Vardan Vardanyan
Art Critic
Shugarov’s works are very diverse: images of horses, landscapes, still lifes and all of them full of romanticism that is present in French paintings of the 19th century and of course, the character of the author himself. The horses on A. Shugarov’s canvases are depicted in in motion, in a crazy dance, masterfully executed with continuous brushstrokes that complete the subtlety of the lines. A. Shugarov’s art, which is proven by the artist’s recent works where abstract thinking is noticeable and that makes A. Shugarov’s works rather interesting. Being a student of such notable master as Eduard Issabekyan, A. Shugarov bears the traditions of the master’s painting techniques and creates his own unique style.
Tigran Asatryan
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